Trans-Pakistan Zindabad (Long Live Trans-Pakistan) is a research project drawing from a range of familial archives, digital telecommunications, and mechanism of the Pakistani tourist industry in order to investigate current urbanization claims in Lahore, Pakistan. Following the years of martial law and post-War on Terror within Pakistan, activities between and within urban spaces has become heavily policed by state and neoliberal ventures. Majeed intends to revitalize her uncle’s failed tourism company, ‘Trans-Pakistan’, to bring into focus the contradiction of a transcendence into nostalgia/escapism that seems to be so deeply embedded in South Asian diaspora imagery. She will be conducting research into alternate perspectives that deal with the orientation of the body as a political citizen, in relation to the performativity of hegemonic state policing within urban planning. The disjunctures across the South Asian diaspora of urbanscapes will act as a case study for her planned project, and its investigation into nostalgia, gentrification, and futurity.

Funding Provided by The Digital Earth, Hivos, The Netherlands.